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Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, and More

The great estate planning myth is that only the very elderly or very wealthy need to worry about estate planning. In realty, anyone who has a child or who owns property can benefit from meeting with an estate planning attorney. While estate planning often starts with the drafting of a will or a trust, our attorneys offer a comprehensive view of estate planning that takes into consideration your family structure, your financial and investment accounts, and all of real estate and personal property interests. Our attorneys focus on your goals for your family's future when helping you create a plan for your assets and for the guardianship of your children, when applicable. We will also make sure that you have documents that reflect your end-of-life desires to your health care providers.


Yurasek, Owens-Ruff, Spain & Fritz, we will begin our relationship with you by learning about what estate planning tools you already have, and what your goals are for your family. We will look at how your real estate is titled, whether you have beneficiaries established for your accounts, and whether any changes need made. We will also ask you about your desires regarding important health care decisions, and discuss your options as far as health care directives and powers of attorneys go. 


To begin planning your estate with us, call us at (937) 642 - 4070. 

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